October 2014

‘LOOSEN “Longhorns” Active Adam Again Alex Allen Amateur Amateur Video anal anticipation Army Ashton Aspen Ass Away…The Back Bathroom Bear Beckham Before Berlin Bernal Bieber Bishop Bloom Blowjob Boner Bottom Brandon Brayden BrotherInLaw Bruce Bruno bubble Buddies Bulge Bursting butt butts Cameron Carpathio Carter Caught Close cock Cockalicious Cockyboy’s Colton condom CoWorkers Cum Cums Cumshot Dalton Dane Dane’s Dato Deluca Derek Derrick Dick Dicklicious Dicks Diggs Dildo Dillon Dime Door Down Durano Duty Duty’s Eggs Enjoy Erected Face finger FlipFuck Foland Foot fetish Forte Franc Free From Fuck fucking FUCKS Gainz Gives Grey Grylls Guys Guys suck Hands Hans Hard Harte Hiddleston hole hunk Hunter Ibrahim Impressive In briefs Jack Jacob Javi Jimmy Johnny Jonas Jordan Just Justin Karter Kiss Kross Landon legs Lets Levi Like love Major Mason Massage Massive mecum Mickey Mitch Models Moreno Mouse mouths Movies Mycles Myles Naked Negroes Netflix Next Nice Nick Orlando outside Photoseries Photosets Pinoy Playful Playing Porn Actors Porno Comics Porter Pounded Pounding Quentin Real Revisited Ride Riding Riley Rimming Rivers ROBERTS Roman Room Rossi Ryan sauna Sebastian Show Shows Shut Sleeping Slicked Slide Some Spread starring Stas Steam Stephen Strip Stroking Suck sucking Summers Swimmers Takes Tegan those threesome threeway Titanmen’s Todd together Tomm Tomorrow train Uncensored uncut Uniform UP’ Updated Velaro Videos Walks Wesley Wife’s Woods You… Zambo Zane Zayne

Title: The Last Part Has Come Pairing: Masamune x Yukimura Circle: Propeller Shiki/ SOMEYA Rui Language: English Related: Sengoku...

Title: Shittakana kemono Pairing: Kogami x Ginoza Circle: Am Language: Japanese

Title: Fragile Pairing: Xanxus x Squalo Circle: SUI・REN/Aria Hasumi Language: Japanese

Title: Kami to Pen to Sex to!! エロまん~紙とペンとSEXと!!~ Eroman – Paper, Pen and SEX!! Chapter: 1 Author: PSYCHE Delico Language: English From Yaoi ...

Title: Goodbye My Little Girl Pairing: Germany x Italy Circle: Hakoniwa Language: English Italy has a hard time facing his memories...

Title: Risou No Koibito The Sweetheart of an Ideal, Ideal Lover, Sweet Ideal Chapter: 1 Author: Madarame Hiro Language: English Ch...

Title: Fragile Pairing: Xanxus x Squalo Circle: SUI・REN/Aria Hasumi Language: Korean Japanese scan @ Katekyo Hitman Reborn! dj – Fra...

Arts by Roger Payne ~ part 1

Title: Ponkotsu Akuma to Mahoutsukai no Mori  Circle: 380 (Sabawo) Language: English [Hataraki Bachi Translations]

Title: Kyousei Shinkon Seikatsu Circle: Cannabis (Shimaji) Language: Japanese

Title: Kyoubatsu – Common Distractions Circle: Masanori Language: English  [BARAdise Scanlations]

Title: Mitsubana Author: Watanabe Asia Language: Korean English scanlation @ [Watanabe Asia] Mitsubana

Title: Sensei to Ore/ Sensei and I Author: Seiryoukei Inryoushui (Hawa) Language: English [BARAdise Scanlations]

Title: Tetsubun Zoukyou Gabunomi Sweet/ 鉄分増強がぶ飲みスウィート Circle: LUNATIQUE (Futase Hikaru)

Title: Call Boys Chaos-chan Pairing: Mob x Gazelle x Burn Circle: Gokudou Daigensui/ Kayama Noriaki Language: English [ebil_trio] ...

Title: 0721/50L0 character: Guy Cecil Circle: 8° Language: Japanese

Title: Tricks for Treats Pairing: Itsuki x Child Kyon Circle: ZEROHAKU Language: English

Title: Usagi to Tora 1 Pairing: Barnaby x Kotetsu Circle: EAST END CLUB/ MATOH Sanami Language: English

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